About Me

Hi! My name is Maria. I’m a 30-something young professional woman living in Midtown Atlanta. I work at the intersection of data visualization and urban planning. When I’m not working, I try to incorporate creativity and novelty into my life as frequently as possible.

My educational background is wide and varied. I have 3 degrees (one bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees) from Georgia Tech in Industrial Engineering, Urban Planning, and Public Policy, respectively. As a result of my studies, I’ve had the privilege of living in Atlanta for over 15 years, and I have gotten to work in Transportation Planning, Grant Management, and now Data Visualization.

When I’m not on the job, I like to have fun by taking in art, live music, and movies. Music is a huge part of my life. While at Georgia Tech, I was the Program Director for their student 100,000-watt radio station, hosted my own radio show, and recorded many live music sessions. After graduation, I devoted my free time to producing living room concerts and organizing an annual arts and music festival that ended up getting coverage from both local and national news outlets.

I also love nerding out to sci-fi shows and horror films. Dana Scully is my cinematic idol, and I’ve been known to dress up in Star Trek cosplay just to go to the Renaissance Festival. As you might guess, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I celebrate it during the entire month of October by watching scary movies at the drive-in; decorating my front yard with a giant inflatable sandworm to honor my Beetlejuice fandom; and touring historic graveyards, among other seasonal activities. I believe every day should be Halloween!

Food is another source of enjoyment for me. I’m an immigrant and first generation American, so eating my own ancestral cuisine as well as trying foods from other cultures is a favorite pastime. I’m always on the lookout for delicious recipes and new restaurants to try.

More recently I have gained a new appreciation of the great outdoors. For me this has meant everything from seeking out local Atlanta trails to taking out-of-state waterfall-chasing road trips, ignoring the advice of TLC. Anything to get closer to nature!

I live a pretty active life. But I don’t do it alone! I hire awesome caregivers that help me do all these things. You see, I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy that causes muscle weakness throughout my entire body. I use a power wheelchair to get around, and I require assistance with all my activities of daily living.

Would you be interested in being one of my awesome caregivers? Click below to learn more about the work.

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